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I used to think clipping and saving grocery coupons wasn’t worth my time. While trying to figure ways to stretch my grocery budget, I reconsidered my opinion and gave it a try. I’m certainly happy that I did. In the past few months alone, I’ve saved well over $100 on my grocery costs. This was accomplished by redeeming coupons and being a savvy shopper. Here are some helpful tips to use so you can benefit from redeeming grocery coupons, too.

Shopper Savings Cards – More and more retailers are issuing shopper cards that give addition savings on sale items. Each program differs so apply for all the cards you can. The rewards offered can be generous. You can earn points, credits and coupons that, when used, can allow for additional savings. You can combine these rewards with coupons you already have to increase your savings.

Restaurant coupons are probably the most famous types of coupons. You might not notice it but rich people, specially the more frugal one’s take their restaurant coupons with them often. And why not? They get freebies, discounts, perks and a whole lot more form their dining experience just by presenting those coupons. If you’re taking your whole family out you must have a good ole restaurant coupon handy. Its going to save your pocket a whole lot of hurt.

If possible try to shop at the stores that offer you double the value on your Coupons. If you get $.80 off that can of tuna instead of $.40 you will be much further ahead. Think of the Best IM Coupons as money, wouldn’t you rather get a $10.00 discount than half that amount? That is why shopping at stores that give double the value can save you which in the end means you have that much more money left in your pocket.

Restaurant Discounts: There are 101 websites and networks which allow you to save every time you go out to eat. Check the internet for websites like Dining Fever, Diner’s Club, and the Rewards Network, all of which offer great discounts. Some require you to pay a small fee for a $35-off coupon redeemable at many restaurants, and others you can link directly to your credit or debit card, giving you a cash-back rebate on top of whatever coupons you use!

Don’t forget about those entertainment coupons either. Always check your local papers and fliers for coupons to amusement parks, the zoo, shows, or any other around town activities. If you just take the time to hunt down coupons on the everyday items that you use and consume, you’ll no doubt soon begin to realize the budget stretching power of the coupon.

Another quick tip for coupons: If you are giving a dollar off on your coupons make it an odd number. Avoid giving $10, 20 or 25 off. You will get better response by giving $17, 22 or 24 dollars off. It will stand out, and grab attention. My personal favorite is $17 dollars off. I have found it gets good action.

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