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There are plenty inconsistent guides for World of Warcraft, for leveling, gold, for crafting professions and even for fishing. I have found quite a few free, but most of the consistent ones are a bit pricey. So, if you want solid content, if you want to make gold like one of the Asian gold farmers, you can find every gold making method, information about the best spots in the game and about the most wanted items, all in one place, in the best Cataclysm gold guides.

Stay away from programs that rely on a “secret approach” – Any program that suggests you can replace concentration on the subject matter by focusing on the testing procedure is misleading you. At least one program of this sort suggests it will teach you the “secret keys that ‘gives away’ [sic] the right answer a lot of the time.” Do you really think the people who created these tests are not bright enough to hide these secret keys? And if they really were that incompetent, wouldn’t they just buy this guide, discover the “secret keys”, and change them?

A term consisting of several words should not be abbreviated if it is used only once in the whole text. However if the term appears several times you should put its abbreviation to brackets right after the term is used for the first time. In all further instances an abbreviation should be used to describe this term.

Co-branding – if you’re a small IT company, you can get a larger (richer) partner to sponsor an ad in your guides. Let’s say you develop a software security application, you can get Symantec to sponsor an ad in the Sys Admin guide. If they sell/develop complimentary products, then it’s a no-brainer.

On this point, consider this. If someone had just made an important gold making system for Warcraft and was looking to market it, wouldn’t they do the YouTube video when their server was not laggy? I mean if they really did make a great, legitimate product, spent weeks on it, were hoping it would bring in a decent return for months to come, wouldn’t it be common sense wait ten minutes for the local lag on their official server to calm down before shooting a YouTube promo? I’m pretty certain I would. Of course, if you they on a permanently laggy private server, and have mocked up the whole project, then they would have no choice but to shoot a laggy video.

The problem is choosing the right leveling guide. A lot of paid wow leveling guides are of low quality. By saying low quality we usually refer to the leveling guide being out dated, in terms of knowledge or technology.

A complex procedure consists of several steps. Each step must describe an action and result. However, there are user guides where action and result are divided into separate steps. It is a common mistake.

Make sure you don’t fall for these scammers’ traps. Do your homework well and spend some time looking for the Stop Sweating and Start Living Guide that’s perfect for you. It will all be worth it.

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