Play Roulette And Win – Part 1

Roulette is a casino game popularly known as the game of chance. As you predict where the ball lands thus where the excitement and fun unfolds. This game involves lots of fun and while making money out of it. Consistently winning in Roulette is made possible and easy through a Roulette winning strategy. An effective Roulette strategy complements well with a good style of playing.

Remember even with live online casinos the house still has the edge, but with the right BEST Roulette Strategy strategy you can win more than you lose making the whole thing a lot more fun.

But, fortunately we don’t need to know where it will land every time. As a matter of fact, we only need know where it will land 6% more often than it should on the American wheel, and 3% more than it should on the European wheel, to make a nice profit.

Playing online roulette, you must also know that Roulette Strategy table is divided into three rows 1-34, 2-35 and 3-36. The last one has eight red items and four black. The strategy is in placing one chip on red and two chips on first (1-34) row and two chips on second (2-35) row. This is how it works.

This is very easy to do because our software allows the player to set if the active strategy will be fully automated or sometimes should switch to manual mode. Related to this the best news is that you can switch from auto play mode to manual mode real time.

Roulette was derived from a french word which means “small wheel”. A popular mathematician mistakenly invented this game. Blaise Pascal was the reason of all this. In 1655, he was attempting to build a machine that would never lose its momentum but unfortunately roulette was born.

Over the years, there are many strategies that have come and gone, but the best one seems to be to spread your money out in the middle of the board and make a small profit to grind out a win. This also enables you to truly enjoy the game and experience the true excitement that it has to offer.

You have to count in the 2 important variables: the luck and the betting behavior when playing at Roulette. They are the two key factors that make players lose even though they have the best Roulette strategy. So, watch out these two variables. Good luck Roulette players!

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