How To Manage Your Business’s Social Media Presence Online?

Social media, at this point, is hardly a new concept in law firms. People have been debating its merits for a few years now and more and more firms are getting into the game with Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, a Facebook presence and a JD Supra page. But for the still-averse among firm leaders, what’s the absolute last word? In my opinion it’s this: Get in the game! While you don’t have to jump in the deep end immediately, not participating in social media can only serve to hurt your firm. It keeps you connected to clients, colleagues and referral sources and allows potential clients to gain information other than simply what’s on your website. That being said, there are some basics to remember when joining the online community. Here are few…

LinkedIn exposes other potential ambushes to you when asking if you want to email the people on other accounts you have set up on Face book, Yahoo, YouTube, and others. Once you enter your educational info on your bio sheet it persistently pesters you to join your college university alumni group, and shoots out names of those attending the same years as you, that are members of LinkedIn. As with your email contacts, you can mail your other social network account members or those you went to college with.

As people get to know you, they are a lot more likely to buy your product. I use TweetDeck as my Twitter client. Not only can you add multiple Twitter accounts, you can also add Facebook, MySpace and Social Media Marketing, and you can view all of these without logging in and out. You can monitor @ mentions so you’ll know when someone mentions you or @ reply, even if you don’t follow them. You can also add your own search term to monitor your keywords.

Fun-book: The most common menace among youth is to set up fake accounts and fool his friends and colleagues on Social grounds. This fun habit of fooling others has given rise to fake account holders, sometime even in the name a real person who never used Facebook in his life.

Utilize Available Tools – Hootsuite and Summify are two of the best tools used in effective Twitter marketing strategies these days. They are both great in categorizing different tweets and trending topics. They make it easy for you to track tweets related to your niche. They can also lead you to questions which you may answer with tips that showcase the benefits of using your products or services.

Add the LinkedIn Share Button to your blog which will enable not only you but visitors to your blog share content to their LinkedIn network.

11. Twitter: ugh. Yes, LinkedIn will allow you to stream your tweets into your profile. I say ugh because I caution you as this can become annoying. I am not a fan of this feature as I find it clutters the page as most tweets are inane at best and often times out of context and offer no real value. Each person is different and it might work for you but I would exercise caution here.

You will need to measure your success based on the criteria you established. This may take some time so don’t expect 100 followers overnight. In addition, think quality over quantity. A good way to let people know where to find your social communications is to include your sites as part of your email signature. Some people use icons or just present the links.

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