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I’ve only been using Twitter for a few months, but I quickly learned that 1) there’s a few different ways to use it, 2) if you are using Twitter all by itself, you are only seeing a tiny glimpse of its power, and 3) it can get addictive. It’s a great place to get updates and socialize, but it can be an effective marketing tool when used correctly.

Social presence is also a must nowadays so go ahead and create Twitter, Facebook, Buy Bulk LinkedIn Accounts. Customize your profiles and make them look good. Twitter and Facebook require no further presentation but you should know that LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals so it might be a good place for you to make contacts in your niche.

Many businesses don’t know how to effectively use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool. To help solve this problem, I’ve compiled a listing of LinkedIn best practices to help you accelerate revenue growth this year.

If you like the work of someone else, recommend them. The recommendations you write, as well as those you receive go a long way toward helping your visibility and rankings on the site.

Create a great headline: Your headline does more than 50% of your selling. Work on your headline until you get it right. Take some time with it. Ask friends for feedback. Test different headlines.

Identify 10 thought leaders in your industry who share high quality content which is valuable to your clients. Include friends and partners who will help you by cross promoting. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, join their Google or Triberr groups. Set up a process to review their content and re-post to your network.

Do your homework. There’s obviously a lot of advice and opinion when it comes to social media, especially for lawyers. That’s why it’s imperative to do your own research. Look around different sites, speak with friends and colleagues and start to understand where and how you want your online presence to represent you and your work.

Tie your other social media accounts together. Do you have a blog or a Twitter account? Run them through your LinkedIn profile to let yourprofessional-based network know about the work you are doing.

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