Camping Tips To Help Make Your Camping Adventure Tons Of Fun

While workmen were making an excavation along the Fredericktown-Levering pike, near the elevation known as Ghost Hill, (about one-eighth of a mile from Fredericktown, Ohio), they uncovered two skulls. These skulls were brought to Mt. Vernon by Contractor Grubb and exhibited in July 1921.

Strum C six beats. Rest two beats. Strum G7 six beats. Rest two beats. Do you see what is happening? As you go to each new exercise, you have less time to change during the rests.

Wildfires generally begin in more remote areas, going unnoticed until someone spots them. Usually by this time, they have ignited nearby trees and buildings. They are generally placed into two classes: surface and ground, and the more advanced, crown fire. Surface fires are often caused by negligence, such as cigarette butts thrown into dry brush, or untended source. Ground fires are usually started by lightning. By the time a fire reaches the Crown fire stage, its being spread by the wind through the tops of the trees.

When starting your campfire, do not forget that safety is the first concern. You should always have some kind of fire pit or ring made with stones. This helps keep as many embers in the campfire as possible. Find enough stones to create a circle that is about 8 to 12 inches high and a diameter of about double the size of the campfire you want. Keep some space in-between the stones to allow oxygen to get to the base of the fire. You need oxygen coming into the starting fire not only from the top, but also from the bottom. This gives the fire a circular flow of oxygen and will keep it burning.

Scout out the immediate area for environmental hazards. If there is poison ivy or poison oak in the vicinity make, sure you know where it is to avoid stumbling on it accidentally.

Clean the chimney every year if you burn a lot of wood in the winter. Chimney fires can be caused by a build up of soot and creosote and can cause a chimney fire that can really mess up a house by burning ignitable portions of dry roofs.

If you’re traveling with a pet (for instance a dog), make sure to pick up after him. No one likes a messy RV campground. Also ensure your dog’s barking and behaviors are conducive to a friendly environment for you and your RV neighbors.

Campfires by night with a light misting of the passing clouds, and an almost full moon to keep us company. The temperatures dropping to the lower sixties, so we can bundle up in our tent. Kokee is a magical place of peace and nature. I always hate to take that winding drive down hill.

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