Basic 5 Reasons To Go For Yoga Retreats

If you would like to spend some special one-on-one time with your Mom, why not take her on a girlfriend getaway? You can enjoy each other’s company, and strengthen and renew your relationship away from your busy everyday lives. And what better way to bond than to have an adventure together? It’s a perfect gift for Mom’s birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day – a gift she’ll remember forever.

Getting there: after landing in Cancun take a 5 minute cab ride to the ferry dock at Puerto Juarez. Ferries leave for the island every 30 minutes and cost about 7 dollars. I love Isla Mujeres and visit here every time I am in this part of Mexico. The beaches along the Northern tip of the island ( North Beach) have powdery white sand and clear calm water for great swimming. You can sip an ice cold drink under the many palm trees at one of the many beach bars or enjoy great snorkeling. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops as well in the town center which is just steps from the beach. You will notice there are no chain restaurants or hotels here, the islands residents run all of the businesses here and do not allow corporations to develop here.

Mystica has a beautiful lake view and nature walks are available where the white faced capuchin monkey (commonly known as the organ grinder monkey) is often seen. There is a small playground for children. Mystica also features Yoga Holidays Montezuma and a tree top healing room.

After a few months of reflection, I decided to participate in my yoga teacher’s first Yoga Teacher Training along with sixty other yogis from around the world. While I was not the oldest, I was close to the oldest enrolled for five weeks of intense training, six days a week from 7am until 9pm or later. I did it…I completed my training and while I was not convinced that I would be teaching, I wanted to share my knowledge. With a body that was more toned than ever, I began sharing the message wherever I traveled. “Yoga can change your life!” became my theme song.

Get back to nature and take Mom on a camping vacation. If you’re both pretty fit and enjoy hiking, this may be the getaway for you! The two of you can bond while roasting marshmallows over a campfire, and snuggling down in your sleeping bags at bedtime. You can talk all night to each other while you look at the stars above you. You could even camp in Yellowstone National Park and hike the trails. You may even see a bear!

Located in the “historic canal village” of Grand Rapids, Ohio, the Kerr House retreat is located inside of a Victorian Manor. Since it is small, they can only take up 6-8 guests at a time. Breakfast is served in bed each morning.

The following day, I paid the taxi cab five Reals (less than $1.00) for a lift to the beach. The birds looked entirely different than the seagulls panhandling my local McDonald’s parking lot, but a bird is a bird, a seagull a seagull, a vulture, vulture. The beaches surrounding Garopaba were beautiful and isolated, full of seashells. In the town of Garopaba, it was crowded. The carnivorous birds did not seem to welcome my company. I admit they were scary and awkward standing next to me. Besides, I don’t speak their language. I felt like these beach vultures were waiting for an estranged surfer to make the wrong move.

So, these are some of the finest things that you should know about the benefits of training retreats. You need to make the right decision in order to sign up with the right retreat. If you want you can easily seek some professional help. An expert in this industry will surely offer you some great help. Enjoy the benefits of a yoga retreat.

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