A new business has just opened up in a back yard, and the people who work there have been on the job for over a year.

    In fact, the employees are all former employees of the same company that the business uses to produce organic food, which is part of a growing trend in the hospitality industry.

    The Greenhouse Recruiting Team, founded in September 2017, uses online platforms like Airbnb and Amazon to recruit for jobs at the company’s greenhouse in a rural area of central Ohio.

    The company has been hiring for a year and has found an audience with some of the country’s top hospitality executives, including the head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and CEO of the Cincinnati-based nonprofit Blue Apron.

    The business, which was founded by a family of gardeners, is also hiring for an assistant to help with its sales and marketing efforts.

    “We’re not just looking for people who are passionate about food, but also passionate about the hospitality experience,” said Andrew Goode, who has been the head chef and head gardener for the company for over 10 years.

    The company has also found a big audience on social media, Goode said, and it is working to grow.

    “We have a ton of really amazing people that we are getting to know, and we’re really excited to see how the community reacts to it,” he said.

    Goode recently moved to Columbus to open a new location and said he has had several requests from potential clients.

    The business is not only seeking the top people in the industry, but anyone who wants to work at a greenhouse.

    It also works with the Cincinnati Urban Growers Association to find openings for gardeners in the city.

    The group has also been a supporter of the Greenhouse Jobs program, which allows businesses and nonprofits to pay a small percentage of the gross receipts they receive from the sale of organic produce and flowers.

    In an effort to attract new employees, the company has partnered with the nonprofit Blue Marches, which has been doing volunteer garden work in the area.

    The nonprofit helps to raise money for Greenhouse Job applicants by providing them with training, food and a job offer.

    “They can choose to get a paid position at Greenhouse or work as an unpaid volunteer at Blue Marriages, and if they do get paid at Greenhouses, it’s not a full-time job,” Goode told Business Insider.

    In addition to the volunteer work, the Greenhouses has a growing team of interns.

    “It’s great for a lot of things, but it’s also great for the customers,” Goody said.

    “The more people that work for us, the more people are going to choose to come to our business.”


    Development Is Supported By

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