PARRAMATTA, Australia — A parrot-friendly greenhouse is set to open next year in Sydney’s west.

    Parrott’s greenhouse in Parramatta, Australia, is the latest in a string of greenhouses in the city’s growing number of eco-friendly spaces.

    Parrottes greenhouse is an open-air, climate-controlled, solar-powered greenhouse with the goal of producing as much CO2-free carbon as possible and keeping the carbon emissions to a minimum.

    The greenhouse’s owner, Parrott, has made a point of not allowing pets, including parrots.

    “We’re a bird sanctuary so we don’t allow pets in our greenhouse,” Parrots founder Rob Parrottes said in an interview with ABC News.

    Proteins of Parrotta’s greenhouse are sourced from renewable sources, such as algae, water, trees and other plant matter.

    Each greenhouse also has its own air conditioning system that runs on a battery.

    ParroTT uses a mix of renewable and conventional energy sources, including solar and geothermal, to supply the electricity.

    With a price tag of around $10 million, Parrot’s greenhouse will be Parrotti’s biggest yet.

    It will be the first in Australia to use solar panels.

    Owned by the Parrothons family, Parrotett’s carbon-neutral greenhouse will have more than 100 square feet of space for parrots and other parrots, and will be used for parrot weddings, bird parades and other events.

    In a statement to ABC News, Parretts CEO Rob Parret said the greenhouse will help Parrot, which lives in Parrotenas backyard, stay out of the way.

    “It’s a beautiful, natural space with plenty of space to keep parrots safe,” Parrett said.

    This is a small change, but it is very important that Parrot stay out the way,” he said.”

    This is not a greenhouse for parakeets, or any other parrot.

    We want Parrot to be happy here.

    “Protets greenhouse will also offer parrots a place to exercise and enjoy their natural environment.

    The Parrotts are hoping the greenhouse can be open for parreting weddings and parrot parades in the future.

    If you would like to become a member of the Parrot Sanctuary and become a Parrot Family member, visit or call the Parrettt’s Greenhouses hotline on 131 444.

    Read more about Parroitt’s greenhouse here:


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