A California court has thrown out the state’s greenhouse homemosts program, saying that the program has not produced the desired results and could potentially lead to dangerous effects.

    The California Court of Appeal in Los Angeles ruled on Friday that the state did not have enough information to prove that greenhouse homesteads could lead to autism.

    It said the program was “not an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is likely to cause more harm than good.”

    California’s greenhouse program was set up by the legislature in the 1980s to help California reduce greenhouse gases.

    State officials said the greenhouse program, which had previously been funded by the federal government, is now funded by private industry and that there were no plans to cut funding.

    But in its ruling, the California Court found that the greenhouse programs “did not provide a meaningful alternative to the alternative that the Legislature intended,” according to a statement by the state.

    California lawmakers approved the program in 2016, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 80 percent by 2030.

    A 2016 study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, estimated that the plan would reduce greenhouse emissions by about 5.3 billion tons of CO2 equivalent by 2035.

    While the program is designed to reduce emissions by cutting back on the use of fossil fuels, it also encourages the construction of new fossil fuel-fired power plants.

    Critics said the plan did not address the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, including greenhouse gases, in the energy sector.

    Environmentalists, such as The Sierra Club and others, argued that the government should fund alternative means to reduce the greenhouse gas.

    In an emailed statement, the Sierra Club said that California’s program is an “egregious waste of taxpayer dollars.”

    “This program is also wasteful in terms of money and resources, and a poor response to climate change.

    We are disappointed that the Court has ruled that California does not have the information it needs to fully assess the climate impact of the program, and we are still awaiting additional data from the program’s administrator,” the group said.

    “The California government must begin working to develop a plan to reduce climate change now, so that we can avoid the disastrous consequences of this program,” it added.


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