A new greenhouse at a remote location in the eastern New England town of Green Mountain, Maine, is expected to be the first of its kind in the United States.

    The greenhouse, which will cost about $50,000, will be the largest in the country and be built in the Green Mountain National Forest.

    The state’s Department of Forestry and Wildlife plans to install a solar-powered greenhouse that can accommodate up to 200,000 plants.

    The project will take place on private land and will require a $250,000 permit from the Department of Environmental Protection.

    The company behind the project, Green Mountain Farms, said in a statement that it plans to open the greenhouse in 2019.

    The farmhouse will be made from reclaimed wood from a nearby lumber mill, the company said.

    The plan for the greenhouse was inspired by the Green Mountains National Park, which has been home to a number of greenhouses.

    There, the site has been a haven for the world’s first greenhouse.

    The land that the Green Mountaineers have bought is about a mile and a half west of the Maine State House.

    The park is part of the Appalachian Mountains, and Green Mountain has used it for decades as a tourist attraction.

    The group has built a number greenhouses in Maine and is working on plans to build more.

    The Maine Department of Natural Resources and the state’s forest are paying for the land, with the Forest Service paying for construction.

    The agency said in an online news release that it’s not yet clear how much it will cost to construct the greenhouse, and the environmental review process for the project is still ongoing.

    “I don’t know the exact cost but we have a plan to build it,” said James Sperling, the president and chief operating officer of the park, according to the news release.

    The greenhouse will have a total of 200,00 square feet, which is about the size of a soccer field, the news report said.

    It will be powered by solar panels that will produce enough electricity to power the greenhouse and two electric motors.

    Sperler said that a solar array will be built on the greenhouse to power a small generator that will use energy from the solar panels to generate electricity.

    Sperling said the greenhouse will be a permanent fixture.

    The site is located about 200 feet from the Green Mtaineers’ farmhouse and will have enough room to house about 50,000 plantings, the release said.


    Development Is Supported By

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