How to Get Around CO2 Emissions Rules article The US Federal Government’s new CO2 emissions rules will require electric utilities to pay a fixed amount per kilowatt hour of electricity produced.

    This means that utilities must reduce their output by at least 20 percent per year to keep up with their carbon footprint. 

    The rules will go into effect in 2018.

    The problem with this is that electric companies will not be able to sell electricity produced in compliance with the rules to customers.

    This is because the government requires utilities to have carbon credits in their reserves, so they cannot sell the electricity they generate to customers without first paying a carbon tax.

    This means that electric utilities will not generate any electricity without a carbon price.

    This may sound complicated, but it is simple enough to understand.

    A carbon price is a price paid to a carbon credit issuer, like a bank or a credit union, to offset a carbon cost.

    If a credit issuer offers customers an incentive to buy electricity with a carbon pricing program, they will sell electricity with the price the credit issuer has set. 

    So if you are a gas-powered electric utility that generates 50 megawatts (MW) of electricity per year, and you have a carbon offsetting credit with the state of New York, your customers will be able pay you a carbon fee for electricity produced with that credit.

    The fee is usually a percentage of the total electricity produced by the utility, but can vary depending on the size of the electricity generator.

    Under the new rules, the credits that are allowed to be issued by electric utilities must be used to offset the carbon emitted by their generators.

    In other words, the electric utilities are paying a fee to offset CO2 produced by their facilities.

    The government wants to make sure that these credits are used to generate electricity that is more cost effective than coal-fired plants. 

    What do the regulations mean for the average electrician?

    The rules apply to electricity generators that produce less than 1.4 gigawatts (GW) per year.

    That means that a typical gas-fired power plant produces roughly 20 GW per year on average, and the utility with the largest carbon offset would have to pay $50 per GW of electricity to offset its carbon emissions.

    In addition, an average electric utility would have a $10.50 per kWh carbon tax to offset those emissions.

    This is a pretty good deal for the electrician, but the average power customer will pay $2.50 more per year than the $10 fee, even with the higher carbon offset requirement.

    With this in mind, if the electric utility has to pay these fees, it should not be too surprising that the electric consumer will be unhappy.

    The average household in the US consumes about 15 million kilowatts (MW), and most people use electricity for many other things besides powering appliances.

    This type of consumption is a key component of the economy, so it is likely that consumers are more concerned about how much they are paying for electricity than the climate change that they are causing.

    What do you think about this rule change?

    Let us know in the comments section below.

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