Costco, one of the largest retailers in the US, is now offering a greenhouse on its website.

    The company announced the deal on Friday, calling it a “new and exciting opportunity for our employees and their families.”

    Employees can choose from two types of greenhouse options: one for their own or for employees at a local, state, or federal park.

    Employees at a park will also have the option to pay a small amount to have their own greenhouse installed, as well as a small discount if they buy in bulk.

    Costco is offering to install a new greenhouse at the park if employees have the money to pay the installation fee.

    The greenhouse will be built in collaboration with a local company, and employees will be able to use the space for the next two months, until the company moves out of the park.

    If you’re an employee who is eligible, you can make a $25,000 donation to help the company cover its construction costs.

    The company said that in addition to the greenhouse, employees will receive access to a community garden, and a variety of gardening tools, supplies, and tools.

    Costco also offers a range of activities, including the opportunity to visit its online store, a golf course, a nature center, and more.

    The greenhouse comes with an automatic climate control system, and will be equipped with solar panels and other equipment to meet the company’s goal of having 30 percent of its operations powered by renewable energy by 2020.

    Costcom’s decision to offer employees a greenhouse comes as the company faces scrutiny from environmental groups over its climate impact, which has caused some workers to quit.

    In a recent letter, Greenpeace questioned the company about the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from its factories and the impact it has had on the environment.

    Costcos new greenhouse comes on the heels of other recent initiatives by the company, including an initiative to create 100 new green jobs at its headquarters.

    The initiative, which was announced last week, will create 50 new jobs in the San Francisco area by 2022.


    Development Is Supported By

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