Posted March 05, 2018 07:53:49In an unprecedented move, Saskatoon’s city-owned greenhouse will be open to the general public on Saturday for the very first time.

    The greenhouse at the corner of Main Street and South Street is located at the intersection of Main and St. Clair streets.

    It’s the first green space in the city.

    “It’s a bit of a first for the city and I’m really proud to be part of that and it’s been a big challenge,” said Mayor Mike Walters.

    The greenhouse at the location will be free to the community for those who show up and it will be run by the city-operated EcoGreen program.

    “The greenhouse is a unique and unique location for the community.

    It has the best views of the lake, the best view of the city from the roof,” Walters said.

    “We’ve got our own greenhouse, but it’s not a community greenhouse.

    It is a private facility.”

    The greenhouse will serve as a community-run green space.

    Walters says it will provide green energy to Saskatoon and offer an alternative to the power-hungry heating and cooling that are common in Saskatoon.

    The city also plans to install solar panels to generate the city’s own energy.

    “We’re taking this one move at a, I would say, a very slow pace,” Walters explained.

    “This is the first step.

    We’ve been in the green-house business for decades.

    I think it’s an exciting time for us.”

    The city has been in talks with the Saskatoon EcoGreen project for more than a year, but ultimately it came down to a deal.

    “At the end of the day, we got the right person to do it, and it came to fruition, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to get the greenhouse up and running,” Walters told CBC Saskatoon News.

    The Saskatoon city government says it has been working to make the greenhouse work and said the greenhouse will become the most green in the province.

    “This will be a major investment in Saskatchewns future and a huge economic stimulus for the entire region,” Walters added.

    The first greenhouse at The Greenhouse will be in the middle of a greenbelt that stretches from Main Street to Main Street East.

    The area is the largest of its kind in the country and Walters says that will change.

    “Saskatchewn is a great place to live and it has a lot to offer, but we’re not going to forget the past and we’re going do everything we can to be a part of it,” he said.

    “You can’t live here forever.

    We can’t take our kids and the next generation of people from this land and we don’t want to do that.”


    Development Is Supported By

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