In an attempt to make the DIY greenhouse project as simple as possible, we’ve put together this DIY greenhouse kit, which comes with a raspberry pi and a bottle of recycled plastic bottles.

    The kit includes all the necessary parts, but you can make your own greenhouse by simply cutting a hole in the plastic bottle.

    Here are the parts you’ll need: 1.

    A Raspberry Pi (sold separately) (you can get a Raspberry pi from Amazon or elsewhere for around $30 if you want a cheaper model, but it won’t work if you buy one preloaded with extra modules.) 


    Plastic bottles (these are the kind you buy at a hardware store) 3.

    A PVC pipe (to fit into the plastic bottles) 4.

    A screwdriver (if you’re using this to open the bottles) 5.

    An adhesive (or glue) 6.

    A small screwdriver (or glue, if you’re going to make more than one) 7.

    A few nails (or screws, if needed) 8.

    A tape measure (the plastic bottles have a small amount of adhesive) 9.

    A rubber band (to fit around the bottles when they’re empty) 10. Some tape (we like to use this tape to make sure that the plastic containers aren’t getting damaged when we’re using them to make your DIY greenhouse) 11.

    A sewing needle (for sewing the holes in the bottles if you need to trim the bottle when it’s empty) 12.

    A ruler (just like we do with our garden, but we like to keep it simple and use a ruler) 13.

    A pencil (so you can draw out what you’re doing when you’re finished) 14.

    A piece of electrical tape (optional, but a handy one) 15.

    A glue gun (optional, if your DIY project involves attaching the bottles to something) 16.

    A pen (this pen will help you trace your outline of the plastic container) 17.

    A drill (you can use a drill to drill holes for the holes) 18.

    A bit of glue (which you can buy at most hardware stores for around 50 cents) 19. A zip tie (a zip tie is a simple, inexpensive, and easy to use item that you can easily slip on over the bottles, which will hold them together) 20.

    Some paper towels (we like using the stuff from the dollar store, which is easy to clean and has a really long shelf life) 21.

    A couple of screwdrivers (they’re useful for drilling and cutting the holes and also making them tight) 22.

    A paper clip (it’s also handy to have on hand for making a few adjustments as you go along, but if you don’t have one, a little extra string can help you hold the bottles together)23.

    A plastic cutting board (don’t worry about cutting it, we’ll be making that later) 24.

    A paintbrush (in case you’re making a paintball model) 25.

    A flat surface (like a desk) 26.

    A towel or a cloth (again, this is important, so don’t worry if you can’t find a towel) 27.

    A spare kitchen knife (here’s how you use a kitchen knife if you haven’t already) 28.

    A measuring tape 29.

    A magnifying glass (make sure you have a lens that can be used to make out small things) 30.

    A mask (for making sure that you don


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