DIRAMAS, Indonesia — It’s been an arduous journey, but now, with just a few months left to plant the seeds of the greenhouses the Indonesia National Agricultural University hopes to produce the country’s first-ever greenhouse, which will help feed nearly 1 billion people.

    The school has already built three of the 20-story-high greenhouses it hopes to use for seedlings, and is hoping to grow more this year.

    The university is building its first greenhouse, and hopes to expand its operations to four by 2020.

    The students are trying to make Indonesia a green-energy powerhouse, and with a goal of producing one million tons of greenhouse seeds per year, the school is hoping that its greenhouses will be able to do just that.

    The university’s greenhouse is part of its larger effort to help build a sustainable economy in the country.

    In 2017, the government approved the construction of 200 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar power to power the university’s buildings.

    Since then, the university has worked on building solar power plants, and has now made plans to build 200 kilowatts of solar energy into its greenhouse.

    It hopes that the university will also use the solar power, and that it can be used for irrigation purposes.

    The solar panels on the roof of the school’s greenhouse are part of a plan to build a greenhouse in Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta, as part of the countrys plans to achieve the Paris climate agreement.

    The plan is part, the institute’s president and director of the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture, Ibrahim Dari, said.

    The institute’s greenhouse, Dari said, will provide a safe environment for the school, as well as a breeding ground for the next generation of scientists.

    The greenhouse, located in the center of Jakarta’s commercial district, will be a nursery for plants, such as palm trees, that can grow in an atmosphere that is not polluted by pollution.

    The greenhouse will also be used to grow food.

    Dari noted that the institute, along with the university, is also working on a plan for a plant nursery in the city of Medan, which is near the Indonesian border.

    Dari said that in order to grow and sustain crops, he expects the university to have to grow crops.

    “There are already so many farmers who are going to work on plantations and plantations will be part of our food security,” Dari told The Associated Press.

    “But I think this will be the first time we will have plants that can support a lot of farmers.

    So, it is really a project for the future.”

    The greenhouse was built with $3 million from the government, but the institute hopes to raise more funds in order for it to expand.

    Dadi said that with the support of other governments, it plans to have the first greenhouse built by 2021, and to build more greenhouses as needed.

    “We hope to be able [to] do 10,000 kilowats of greenhouse energy per year,” Dadi added.

    “This will be one of the first greenhouses to produce a lot.”


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