We know that this year’s CES is about to be the first in years to have no winter greenhouse.

    In fact, we know that the show is the first one to be held outdoors, so there’s no way to actually look at the actual greenhouse.

    We know this because the CES organizers have told us.

    The event’s official website announced that the event will be held on Dec. 15, and will feature a number of special events, including a “winter greenhouse” with a fully functioning indoor greenhouse, a “diy” greenhouse with a “cooling system” that turns the temperature down, and an “exotic” greenhouse that’s “filling the whole house with light.”

    We know the show will be indoors, because it will be a day that will be filled with the kind of “dynamic” events you would expect to see at CES, but the site is silent on when exactly this will happen.

    We don’t know whether this means that the greenhouse will be in use in the middle of the day, or whether the show organizers have no intention of having a greenhouse open during the day.

    Either way, it’s not going to be a great event.

    This is, in fact, what we got to see when we visited CES in March, when the show was closed to the public.

    The outdoor “dissipate greenhouse” was just a glorified indoor greenhouse with an ice cube tray, but CES has been building up its indoor facility for years.

    A “dys” greenhouse is more of a gimmick, but there is still no official word on when it will open.

    But for those of you who want to get a glimpse of the show’s interior, here’s what we did find out: CES organizers told us that they will have “a large amount of lighting, and it will look really nice.”

    The outdoor greenhouse will have a large amount to look at.

    There will be “a full-sized LED display, a large LED projector, a huge window with a small light bulb, and so on.”

    A “Diy” indoor greenhouse will look like an empty greenhouse.

    There won’t be much lighting.

    There may be a cooling system.

    There is no indoor greenhouse.

    It will be completely open.

    We’ll be able to see inside.

    We’re told the greenhouse is completely empty.

    There’s no sign of the indoor greenhouse being used, so we can’t be certain.

    But the organizers have promised that there will be plenty of time to look through the greenhouse during the show.

    They have also promised that “the entire house will be illuminated, as we will be using our own lights to provide the atmosphere.”

    They also promised to have “more than 100 LED lights,” but we’re told that there won’t actually be more than 50 LEDs.

    The “cooler” will be on.

    The organizers have said that “at least three of our four LED displays will be able be turned on, while the other three will be fully functional.”

    We’re not sure what the “coolers” will look, but we know it won’t look like a giant fluorescent bulb.

    There are rumors that there’s a fan inside the greenhouse, but this is the only hint we have that it is there.

    We have to wonder what this fan will do.

    We also don’t want to take our eyes off of the “Dys” indoor giant, because CES is still rumored to be working on a “big” greenhouse.

    The CES organizers are trying to keep us guessing, and if we do find out what the true size of the CES “Dy” greenhouse will actually be, we will definitely be there to see it.


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