A greenhouse is a large structure designed to capture CO2 and store it in the ground, to capture sunlight and absorb it, or to store it as a carbon sink.

    In some places, such as New York City, the water can run directly through the structure to collect the carbon dioxide.

    The greenhouse wall is designed to act as a buffer between the land and the water.

    In places, like the Texas panhandle, the structure can be built directly on top of the water, allowing for a higher degree of control.

    Here are some of the greenhouse walls in operation in the United States.

    • Florida: $1 billion.

    The Greenhouse at the Florida International University.

    • Texas: $4.5 billion.

    Greenhouse wall at Fort Bend County Community College in Fort Bend, Texas.

    • North Carolina: $3.3 billion.

    ClimateWorks-designed greenhouse at the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    • Pennsylvania: $2.8 billion.

    Pennsylvania Statehouse greenhouses.

    • Iowa: $750 million.

    ClimateWise-designed climate adaptation and mitigation system for the Iowa Statehouse.

    • Ohio: $600 million.

    Carbon sequestration system.

    • New Hampshire: $550 million.

    Statehouse greenhouse at Statehouse Greenhouse in Nashua, New Hampshire.

    • South Carolina: Up to $350 million.

    Greenhouses built by the state.

    • Vermont: Up from $250 million.

    One of the state’s largest greenhouse systems.

    • Wisconsin: Up $125 million.

    Wisconsin Statehouse system, with greenhouse built by Greenhouse Company.

    • Oregon: $85 million.

    The Oregon Greenhouse Project.

    • Virginia: Up up $50 million.

    In-situ greenhouse designed by the American Greenhouse Institute.

    • Wyoming: $40 million.

    Colorado Greenhouse and Carbon Management Project.

    The U.S. Department of Energy’s Greenhouse Technology Program has awarded Greenhouses $10 million to help developing nations to meet their CO2 emissions goals.

    “ClimateWise’s innovative approach to the greenhouse project has the potential to revolutionize the global greenhouse technology market by significantly lowering CO2 capture costs, while simultaneously increasing carbon storage in the soil and water,” said Dan Jaffe, director of the program.

    “By building and maintaining the Greenhouse for the state, we are providing these communities with the tools they need to ensure their greenhouse will thrive for generations to come.”


    Development Is Supported By

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