The Greenhouse recruitment camp in West Lakes, NSW is home to more than 100 volunteers, many of whom work with growers.

    The camp’s website says it is run by the WA Greens, who are looking for new volunteers to help with “greenhouse building” projects in the state.

    “Greenhouse building is a fun way to learn, and to make a positive difference in the lives of others,” the website says.

    “The camp is not for everyone, and is not designed for people who are uncomfortable talking about their experiences with plants.”

    The group offers a range of projects, from creating greenhouses to building compost bins, compost toilets, solar heating and water heating, to creating solar panels and compost.

    The site includes a video of an interview with a volunteer, who says the camp is a good place for young people to get their hands dirty.

    “I’ve been doing gardening since I was 12, so I’ve learnt a lot about how to do it, and what works and what doesn’t,” the volunteer says.

    The group is a relatively new project, with the first camp in the area taking place in 2013.

    The volunteers say the camps is a lot of fun, but also a lot to manage.

    “It is really, really busy,” one of the volunteers said.

    “We have to keep track of who’s coming in and who’s going out, so there’s lots of paperwork involved.”

    And we’re going through the whole process of training and everything, so we have to be really meticulous about that.

    “The camp has recently been expanded to accommodate more people, including volunteers and volunteers’ families.

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