The greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of the controversial Marcellus Shale gas drilling in New York state, according to a new study, are larger than previously thought. 

    The study by the University of Colorado’s Energy Institute and the University at Buffalo shows the amount of methane that is being released from fracking wells in the state each year is between 25 and 35 times higher than previously estimated.

    The study was published online on Thursday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

    It was conducted by researchers at the University Energy Center at the CU Boulder and the CU-Bills Energy Institute.

    “Our analysis provides an important step forward for the understanding of methane emissions and methane sources in New Mexico,” said lead author David Estrada, a research scientist at the Energy Institute, in a press release.

    “The analysis is important for assessing potential methane sources for future fracking in New Jersey and New York.”

    The study looked at the emissions from a total of 13,000 wellheads located across the New York basin, and the researchers compared them with methane emissions that have been published by researchers from the University Earth Science Center at Columbia University.

    They found that the methane emitted by fracking wells was more than twice the estimated methane emissions by researchers, with a rate of about 1.2 billion tons of methane being released per year.

    That amount is about 10 times greater than what was previously estimated, according the study.

    For comparison, that’s equivalent to the amount that is produced from the combustion of 1.5 million barrels of oil a day in the United States.

    The methane emissions have not been previously reported in the area, and there have been no previous studies of the operation, which has been dubbed the Marcellous Shale.

    In April, the New Mexico Oil and Gas Conservation Commission ordered the closure of five wells in Marcelles Shale due to emissions of methane.

    The decision was based on an investigation by the New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency, which concluded that methane emissions were greater than previously reported.

    Methane emissions have been linked to climate change, but not for the first time, according a report by the Climate Change Research Program at the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

    Methanol, which is used as fuel for cars, trucks and planes, is an alternative to gasoline that is emitted in huge amounts during fracking.

    The Environmental Protection Board of New Jersey has said that fracking and its associated emissions pose a threat to air quality.


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