A new home for gardening equipment and greenhouse cover material is for sale in the Adelaide CBD.

    It is for $5.9 million at the Cremorne Gardens property on the outskirts of the city.

    Owner James Smith said it is a “great opportunity to grow and sell these items” for $20 a piece.

    The new home, built by Smith and a partner, will be one of two new homes to open at Cremora Gardens since it opened in December.

    Smith said the Cressey family had been looking to move to the CBD and was now ready to make the move.

    “It’s going to be a great opportunity to have a place to live, work and work on the land with the community and have a garden for the children to grow on,” he said.

    “We will have some nice greenhouses in there, some good gardens.”

    The sale is set to close on March 1, 2018.

    Cremora is located at 1071 Cremoron Road, in the Cairns suburb of Cairnwood.

    Smith and his partner, Paul Hildreth, started their business, Greenhouses for Sale, in October 2015.

    It began selling gardening equipment to businesses and small-scale growers, including a $1,500-a-month greenhouse cover covering their property.

    It has since grown to have 10 full-time staff and a staff of six.

    Smith is a well-known gardener and a keen gardener himself, he said, and is looking to open a greenhouse cover company soon.

    He said he and Hildret have already invested $100,000 into the business, and they hope to have the property covered in one of the next five years.

    “Our goal is to open up our whole operation by 2021,” he explained.

    “The company is really a small business and we want to grow our business and continue to grow the business.”

    I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity in the future, but for now we’re just getting started.

    “The Cresseys own land and their first home, an old farmhouse in Cairnedore, was sold last year for $1.9m.


    Development Is Supported By

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