In my last post, I discussed how to grow herbs and vegetables from seeds without having to use chemicals.

    Today, we’ll show you how to make your own hydroponic garden with a little help from a few tools, some soil and a bit of patience.

    Here’s how it works.

    First, we need a pot.

    The first thing we’ll do is use a small garden hose to put the soil in the pot and then we’ll fill it with a mix of potting soil, a mixture of sand and clay.

    The pot will be a very basic one that’s not meant to be a living room garden.

    But it’ll be fine for a greenhouse.

    After that, we will need a water source.

    This is what we’ll use.

    The idea is to have water for a plant that needs it.

    In the greenhouse, we want to have as much water in the water tank as possible.

    That means we’ll need to have a large tank, or pot, and we’ll want to keep the water level in it the same as if we were using a regular kitchen sink.

    The problem is that the tank is usually made of plastic, so it’s hard to find a pot that is not plastic.

    You can buy some that have holes in the bottom and some that don’t.

    If you don’t have access to a plastic tank, you can try the plastic tank you can find online.

    Next, you’ll want a growing medium.

    I’ve heard of several kinds of pots, but I prefer the clay pot.

    It’s cheap, easy to clean and will produce good yields in a greenhouse without a lot of chemicals.

    It’ll take about 20 minutes to make a basic clay pot, but you can get it for about $2 a pound.

    You’ll want at least one pot that’s big enough to hold everything.

    You should also have a pot of the right size.

    This will be more difficult than it sounds.

    The smaller the pot, the better.

    You don’t want to be watering your plants too much, because if you water too much and they are over-exposed to sunlight, they won’t get any benefit from sunlight.

    Also, a bigger pot will tend to keep them out of sunlight more, so a bigger one is better than a smaller one.

    I like a 1.5 gallon pot, so I’ve made mine with a lid and an upside-down lid.

    Now we need our water.

    You want water to keep your plants hydrated.

    I always use a large pot.

    If your pot is too small, you may have problems watering your crops if you have a lot.

    Also keep in mind that if you don: water too little or too much at the same time, your plants will grow faster and take longer to get established.

    This can lead to problems.

    You need to water at the right time, especially in the spring, when you have more plants to water.

    If that doesn’t work, you need to make sure that you keep the temperature in the tank between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If you’re making a garden, you might want to use a plastic bucket or two to keep it from getting wet, or you can just buy one that fits into a plastic bowl.

    But whatever you do, keep it well-padded and in good condition.

    After you fill the pot with soil, add your soil to it.

    The soil should be about the size of a dime, so make sure it’s about the same thickness as the pot.

    After you have your soil mixed in with the soil, it should form a nice layer on top of the pot that you can then place in a small bucket.

    This helps keep the soil moist and helps it to keep its shape, making it easier to handle.

    Put the soil mixture in a plastic bag and seal it tight.

    Next, add some water.

    I prefer to use water that I find in a pot or bucket, but if you prefer to have it in your own garden, this is what you’ll need.

    You could use a pot filled with water that you put into a bucket.

    Then you can fill the bucket with water from a tap or hose.

    That’s the easiest way to get water from water in a bucket to a pot, or from a pot to a tap.

    Now add your plants to the soil.

    I usually add about a half gallon of water, but it’s always good to test the water levels.

    If it’s too low, you should add more water.

    Once your soil is in the bucket, you’re done.

    Fill the bucket up with water.

    That’ll make it very easy to handle it and also make it easy to store it.

    To get your pots ready to go, you will need to put them in the freezer for at least two hours.

    You may need to add some soil to the pot to help it hold water.

    This soil can be


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