By Steve FarrarGreenhouse fabric is one of the hottest trends in the industry, with a number of designers releasing new products in the past year.

    But in a recent interview with talkSPORT, Australian designer Louise Gillard sheds new insights into the technology behind her new creations, explaining that it is not just about making garments from recycled material.

    “There’s something in the fabric itself that allows it to be able to survive for many, many years, and even more, and it’s not just recycled paper,” Ms Gillard said.

    “You can actually use it to create fabric from plant material that is much more resistant to things like frostbite and other things that happen in nature.”

    Greenhouse fabrics are made of a wide range of materials, with fabrics like linen, cotton and even wool making up the majority of the range.

    “We are very keen to be using more environmentally friendly materials that can survive for decades,” Ms Garndy said.

    While some of the fabrics that are on offer have the potential to last hundreds of years, she said she would not use any material for her new designs that were to be used for five years.

    “I want to be looking at fabrics that can be used five years down the track, and hopefully have some kind of longevity,” she said.

    To create her designs, Ms Gillards team uses a range of methods to make the fabric, including cutting out sheets of fabric from recycled paper and then using that to make fabric in different colours and patterns.

    The designs are then made in a machine using a process known as “lurgans”, where a machine cuts out sheets from the fabric to create the pattern.

    “A lot of the materials that we use are very similar to paper,” she explained.

    “Paper is a very fine, very dense, very thin material.

    So we can take that, we can cut it into a little piece and then we can use that piece of paper as a template for the fabric.”

    The machine then cuts the sheet into pieces and uses that to shape the pattern, before the pattern is cut into individual strips.

    “It’s a very, very precise process.

    It’s not like we can just hand-cut out a sheet of paper and use it,” Ms Gilards said.

    The team then applies a coating to each strip, to make it look a bit different, before stitching them together.

    “The stitching itself is a bit of a bit more complicated than it would be with a paper piece,” Ms Farrard said, adding that there were also a number different methods of stitching.

    “Lurgans can really take a piece of fabric, take it apart, and then stitch it together,” Ms Jorgensen said.


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