What you need to know about the life cycle of the green frog in the garden.1.

    What are the different species of green frogs?

    Green frogs are a group of frogs that live in the subtropical zone of Australia and are found mainly in the southern hemisphere.

    The species of frog that are commonly found in Australia include the common green frog, the western yellow-eyed green frog and the southern common green and black frog.

    The western yellow eyed green frog is also sometimes known as the ‘green eyed green’ frog.2.

    What makes the common and western yellow headed green frogs different?

    The common green frogs are known as ‘green frogs’ because of their bright green coloration.

    These frogs are found in warm temperate areas of the Australian continent.

    The eastern green frogs, also known as western yellow coloured frogs, are also known to be found in temperate regions.3.

    How many different types of frogs can be found across the Australian mainland?

    Green frog species are grouped into three broad groups, common, western yellow and southern common.

    Common green frogs can also be found along the coasts of the Great Barrier Reef.

    The other two groups of frogs are the western and eastern yellow headed frogs.4.

    What types of species of frogs is common green a species?

    The green frog can grow to be as large as 1.5 metres in length.

    It is one of the smallest frogs in the world.

    Common species of the frog are commonly called ‘green’ or ‘green coloured frogs’.5.

    What is a common green coloured frog?

    A common green colour frog is a frog that lives in temperately warm, subtropic regions of Australia.

    They are also commonly known as Western yellow eyed, Eastern yellow or southern common, because they are yellowish coloured in colour.6.

    What species of common green is common yellow coloured?

    A green frog that is yellowish in colour is called a common yellow frog.

    Common yellow coloured frog are also called the ‘yellow eyed green’, ‘western yellow’ or other names for the same species.7.

    How can I identify common green colours in a frog?

    Common green frogs usually have the same colouration of their body colour.

    Common colour frogs have black spots on their body, but common green are usually also known for the brown and black spots that form on their feet.8.

    How do I know whether a frog is common or western yellow?

    Common yellow coloured and western coloured frogs are both yellow-coloured frogs.

    However, the colouration and colour of the common yellow colour frog varies from frog to frog.

    A common western yellow coloured frog has brown spots on its body, while a common common green yellow frog has black spots.9.

    What’s the difference between a green frog’s feet and legs?

    A frog’s legs are covered with scales that allow it to move around.

    The legs of a common frog are usually the same size as a human foot, but the size of a human’s legs can vary from frog, to frog, frog to human.10.

    Can green frogs be a nuisance?

    Green Frogs can be a serious nuisance to people and plants in the area where they live.

    They can cause damage to plants, as well as damage to people’s eyesight.

    They also eat large amounts of food and damage fences and fences and walls.11.

    Can I put a green light on a common or eastern green frog?

    The same rules apply to putting green lights on a yellow coloured or western coloured frog.

    Green lights on common green, western, and southern coloured frogs will also attract more people.

    Common frogs, western coloured, and yellow coloured are often mistaken for brown and white coloured frogs.12.

    How should I keep my green frog or common yellow yellow frog?

    In some areas, green lights are illegal.

    In the southern and northern parts of Australia, they are illegal for commercial use.

    There are many places that allow green lights to be placed on the ground, so they are not a problem.13.

    How much does a common, eastern or western green frog cost?

    Common, eastern, and western green frogs have a range of prices depending on the species.

    There is no set price for green frogs but there are some guidelines.

    For example, a common and eastern green will set you back $500 while a western yellow will set your price up at $1200.14.

    How long do green frogs live?

    A brown, yellow, and black coloured frog can live up to 20 years.

    A common, east, or western frog can be up to 50 years.

    Green frogs can live as long as 25 years.15.

    Do green frogs give off any odour?

    Green and yellow frogs do not have any odours, but they do emit a strong smell which is unpleasant to people.

    Green frogs also emit a smell that is irritating to people, especially people with sensitive noses.16.

    Is there any scientific evidence that green frogs cause allergic reactions?

    There is no scientific evidence to suggest that green and yellow and other frogs


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