WENKE GRANDE | AUSTRALIAN sports fans have been waiting a long time for the next big thing.

    And they finally have it.

    Australian sportswriter Chris Taylor has been writing about the hottest new trend in sports and the most ridiculous fanatics who are behind it.

    It’s the fanatical fans that are pushing the fans and the hottest trends in sport.

    “Fans are fans.

    That’s what I was saying,” he told Cricinfo.

    “Fans have a special bond.

    They’re like family.

    They’ve got that same bond and loyalty to their team and to the sport.”

    He said he knew the fans would be behind the fans’ biggest trend of fanatics being fans because he had been talking to them in person for years.

    “I have friends that are fans,” he said.

    “But they’re also like, ‘Oh yeah, I love the fans, too.

    But what’s the difference between the fans you have and the fans that I have?

    What’s the problem?'”

    So I’ve been trying to figure out how fans work.

    And it’s a fascinating thing to do because you can really go back and read old articles and they’re the same.

    “Fans are now going to the fansThey’re not going to be going to their family or friends because they know they will not tolerate any of the fanatics.

    They’re going to fans, they’re going on Instagram, they are posting photos of themselves and they are doing things that no one else is doing.”

    It’s almost like they are fanatics themselves,” he added.

    The fanatics, of course, are the fans.

    They go to the stadium, the arena, they buy tickets, they wear their favourite team colours, they cheer on their favourite players.

    There are no rules to the fan experience, there are no social media restrictions.

    The fans are fans, and they know it.”

    They’re really passionate and they love the game, too,” Taylor said.

    Fans will have a huge impactThe fans that get to wear their team colours are also going to have a big impact.”

    That’s not just a social media thing, it’s an emotional and emotional thing,” Taylor explained.”

    The way fans feel when they see their team in their home stadiums, the way they feel when their team is on TV, they can be very emotionally attached to that.

    “They are the ultimate fan”The fan is the ultimate supporter,” he continued.

    This passion will have an impact on the game and fans will be fans.”

    There’s not much we can do about it.

    There’s not a lot of teams that have been on TV and there’s not very many fans watching a game in the stands.

    “So fans are going to become fans and they will be passionate and that’s going to influence the game.”

    But the fans are not going in the tunnelWhen it comes to stadiums, Taylor said, “you’re going in with a lot more fanatics than you were before”.

    “You’re going into a stadium, you’re in with fans, you can’t do anything about it,” he warned.

    “And you’re also going into the tunnel with fans.

    There is not much you can do to stop them.”

    So what can you do?

    “I’ve done a lot to try and get them to behave in a way that I think is going to make a huge difference to the game,” he explained.

    The biggest fanaticsThe biggest fans are the ones that are the most vocal.

    They are going on social media and they have a Twitter account.

    In the past, fans would come to a game and they would get angry and yell at their team.

    But this year, fans are much more involved in the game.

    They can also go into the arena and have a giant fan in the crowd, which is a huge turnoff for some.

    “Fanatics are just like any other fan, they get annoyed,” Taylor added.

    “When they see your team in a crowd they can’t help but be upset.”

    But they can turn around and say they want to see your other team’s colours, he said, and this is why the fans have gone to the stadiums.

    “These are the fan-powered fans,” Taylor told Crikey.

    “If you’ve got a fan in your corner, you want to cheer for your team and your team will always get the loudest cheers.

    It’s a very powerful feeling.

    Fans can change the gameWhen it came to fans being fans, Taylor found that most fans wanted the same things as fans, like an experience, an experience in which they could have a voice, an opinion and a vote.”

    We can have a very vocal fanbase that can change everything in sport,” he observed.”

    In sport we’re very vocal, and we can say what we want to say,


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