Why Structure Is Important When Homeschooling

The Gulf Coast College campus parking lot was full to capacity in preparation for a town meeting scheduled. The speaker on tap is Florida Senator Bill Nelson. With the heat index hovering near 100 degrees, students look ready for the beach sporting shorts and sandals. Some unfortunates in the Nelson camp were suited in dress shirts and ties. Carl Grey Park, where students gather when the heat isn’t sweltering, is directly across from the college. It’s a quiet place with a great view of the bay to study or chat.

My child is a “media learner.” What does this mean? It means she learns easiest by watching videos and TV, playing games on the computer or online, and playing video games. Now, I am not a parent that allows my child to spend untold hours in front of a TV or computer, or glued to her Gameboy. But still, she is better able to understand concepts when they are presented on a “screen”.

They run a long distance until Pinocchio jumps into the ocean. He uses his instincts. The dog falls in after him and begins to drown. Pinocchio is driven to compassion over his own fears of his freedom and saves the dog.

On his way back he gets hungry and tries to steal some grapes from a farmer. He is only stealing because of hunger, not greed. So he is caught in a trap set for weasels that have been eating the farmers chickens. Pinocchio’s life is spared if he acts as the farmers watch dog who died that morning. Much like the irish god Cuhulain who had killed his hosts dogs because he was late for dinner. Had to serve a year as the man’s dogs.

If answers don’t match the answer key, don’t assume your child got it wrong. I’ve been proven wrong that way MANY times! RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF answer keys are notorious for getting the answers wrong – in EVERY math curriculum, not just Saxon. Try to track down the Saxon website for updates on their answer key, or corrections. They may have a published list. Make use of their 800 number, and call them if you have a concern.

Another exercise is identifying pictures that start with a certain letter. There may be a page that has pictures on one side of the page and letters on the other side of the page and the child is asked to draw a line from the letter that begins the name of the picture.

If they’re smart, they’ll get it from sports, food or lose themselves in a video game. If they’re not smart ,or they just want to fit in, they can opt for something far more deadly.

The author of Strange Curves, Counting Rabbits and other Mathematical Explorations is Keith Ball, He is a professor of mathematics at University College, London, and gives popular lectures on mathematics, as well as authoring graduate level books on math.

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