Weekend Box Office: ‘Insidious Chapter 2’ Has A Lucky Friday The 13Th

The first thing people think of when booking their Colorado lodging is how close they are to the ski slopes. The second thing should be how close they are to the local haunts. Of course, some people think of bars and lounges as local haunts, but this is a whole different type of haunt. Ghost hunters headed to the Rocky Mountain State will want to make sure they work at least a few of these places into their itinerary. They are some of the most well-known haunted locations in the state and offer supernatural thrills galore. Whether you are headed to Denver, Boulder, or Telluride Colorado, you are sure to find a place that will spook even the heartiest of ghost enthusiasts.

JW: I completely know what you mean about that calming feeling of being alone in a cemetery, strange as it sounds! However, investigations aren’t always relaxing, I imagine, especially not on national TV. ‘Ghost Hunters Academy’ was a reality show, and obviously a competition above all else. How did you feel about that; did it feel natural or did it feel overly-produced? Was there any tension between the recruits off screen?

Now, on a skeptic’s mind there is no such thing is ghosts because science can’t prove of their existence. Which is true, however – before science could even prove that the world was flat, whereby’s they sent ships across the ocean only to find the world as round. On this happy note, just because science can’t prove something has non-existence doesn’t necessary mean it simply does not exist. It just mean science has not been able to proven such a intangible theory yet.

You can watch the entire video by clicking the link on the left of this page. What do you think? Did David Scott and Anthony Leiser make contact with the dead using a simple cell phone? Do you believe in plague pits of london? Sign in to Facebook to leave your comment below.

We are only humans and people who are true paranormal investigators will tell you that they know that everything in the Paranormal blog online field is theoretical and experimental. Do spikes in EMF mean ghosts? Do ghosts give off energy or EMF? What are ghosts? Do they exist? Are the such things as cold spots… That’s why we are investigators/researchers for we investigate this phenomena in order to get evidence or lack thereof. We are people who believe in the possibility of the existence.. How many paranormal investigators do you know that are 100% in their belief that ghosts don’t exist? If that was the case nobody would waste time and so much money on the research.

Another story told regarding Rolling Hills relates to its time as a poorhouse and orphanage. There are people who say that kids living there were sometimes sold to people in the area. These kids worked the farms, or did what their “owner” told them. It’s hard to believe that New York would allow this kind of behavior.

This is where paranormal research comes in play – we strive to document everything that is paranormal and to discard what is not paranormal. Anything that can’t be explained by any means of science or what not – we determine this to be considered as paranormal. Now why do ghosts exists is only a speculation. We simply do not know the concrete answers yet. However, soon we will.

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