Never Travel With Cold Feet Again

Yesterday marked a great day in Colorado BMX. The 21st birthday of Colorado’s #1 pro David ”The Herminator” Herman. Herman out of Wheatridge Colorado is our premier BMX pro athlete. On the scene since he was in elementary school Herman is the rider to beat on the national race circuit.

Take shots from different angles. If the subject is low, get down onto the floor, it’s better than taking the photo from above. Use the macro function on your camera for great close up photos, capturing the finer details of your subject. These are great photos to take while on vacation, it creates intrigue to the viewer of your photos later, and tells a better story. If you are taking a picture of a large landmark or building with a person in the photo, have the person stand closer to the camera. This way they will appear larger in comparison to the structure. This makes for better photos, because you can see both the building and person.

Drive slower. A motorist سبانجا ومعشوقية 80 feet per second in their car at 55 mph, but only 73 feet per second at 50 mph. The extra seven feet may just give you the time you need to swerve around a pothole.

Leroy ascends a building and stands on the edge of a roof holding a pick ax. He is overlooking the town square which is decoratively lit for Miner’s Day. With one hard stroke of the ax he knocks the transformer out, sending the town into darkness. You have to admit, it’s a clever way to sell some candles.

If you are out fishing or in nature and you see a fox carrying her young to higher ground you can be sure a storm is coming. Signs from nature are all around us, as a whole we need to get back to our roots and nature itself as it is cleansing for our souls and very informative as you can see. Wolves themselves as i have one for my main totem are protecting, guiding, he is spirituality , strength, confidence, responsibility to the “pack”.

Listed on the Winnebago website as a 2009 model, (this model does not appear under their 2010 website listing) they had the Outlook 30D on display. This is one of those models that didn’t fit our tastes, but certainly piqued our curiosity.

PORCUPINE; Good sign: brings messages about weather or hunting. If a person sees a Porcupine close to home in late fall this warns that an early winter is coming.

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