Dog Adoption Corner: Willow, Special Dog, In Need Of A Special Home

A good rule of thumb is, if you cannot find the “Made In” label or are unsure where the product was made, it probably was not made in the US. Companies that make USA products are proud to display this.

Humans, as omnivores, can be of two minds, watching such an attack: we hope the gull will escape, but we still hope the eagle will get a meal for its young. As sympathetic primates, we may want to help the gull. I’d picked up a drifting, dazed scoter a few months before and left it resting under a log until it could stagger back to the surf.

You must have at least once in your life seen someone who dresses his dog up in trendy clothes. Do those dogs just not look cute? Yes, and let us face it, you have always wanted to dress your dog up in similar clothes. But unfortunately, you just do not know where to get these clothes from. Well, if you have always wanted to know how to get hold of these clothes, then you have come to the right place.

I was asked to pick up a Pomeranian, named Oreo, from a shelter on the outskirts of town. I was told that this was a kill-shelter that the dog was in and that time was of the essence. When the phone call came in to tell me it was time for me to go, I quickly sat up from my sofa and was on my way. I was told what kill-shelters were, and I didn’t give it a lot of thought as I knew I was going to just be picking up Oreo and taking him home.

You can tell your ex you still love them without coming out clingy and needy for love and attention. Be honest and sincere in letting them know that, if they will allow it, you’d like another chance. Don’t be using words like, “I’d die without you” or worse, “I’ll hurt myself if you don’t come back”. Emotional blackmail is totally uncool.

As a new dog owner, you’re likely to want to train your american bully filhote. Don’t leave it too late – after all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! There are a range of products available to help you train your dog, from the critically-acclaimed clicker training kits (trust me, they work!) to agility training kits, muzzles, toilet training products and training prods. Ultrasonic training aids are also available for the more technologically advanced among you.

Jane Bright is 56 and a dog trainer. She is another who does not like lazy people. She loves both snow and water skiing and feels she is much like Rupert but smarter.

Basic training is crucial for a well-mannered, confident, happy, and relaxed dog…and their owner! There are many, many different tips on dog training available and you will find some that work for you. So put some of our tips into practice and go have fun with your dog!

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