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Please don’t think this is a request. This is a demand from the Ritalin-popping-immediate gratification-generation surfing the net (aka 95% of your potential customers).

Now you can just plan a playlist and leave it playing throughout the night, and you won’t have to leave your seat once. Except to go to the bathroom of course, I can’t help you with that.

Just think! Music is always accessible. Music has always been a regular part of human society, from prehistory and especially today. Humans, even with the simplest tools, naturally gravitate towards music and the creation of music–this says a lot about the nature of music and how it affects humans.

Inexpensive wine does not mean inferior wine. You would be surprised at how inexpensively you can build a formidable wine cellar just on grocery store specials. Experimentation is essential – and perfectly enjoyable too. Try different wine growing regions. Chilean wines are often on the low end of the price scale and more than adequate for the job. If some of your guests are wine snobs then decant the wine first and never show them a bottle.

Instead of selecting clips and carefully adjusting the start and end of each clip and the transitions between them, Muvee Reveal begins by allowing you to import and arrange the clips and still photographs you want to use. You can then specify a background soundtrack. Reveal will then create a final video, automatically adjusting the clips and stills in a variety of ways to make the video fit the duration of the documentary background music royalty free. It can adjust start and end points in a clip, the speed of a clip, and add zooms and pans to still photos. The software offers advice if there are not enough or there are too many video elements for the soundtrack. Transitions are applied based on a theme that you select.

When your video is ready, upload it online. You will get marketing exposure when people access your video and share it. YouTube is the #3 ranked website in the world and you naturally want to get your information onto this website. Besides YouTube, you will also want to upload the video to other popular video hosting sites such as TubeMogul (free) and TrafficGeyser (paid) to get your Video Articles circulated all over the internet very quickly and easily.

Here is a simple example that I put together using some video and photographs from a recent visit to Acapulco. Even though I did not have enough footage to make the software “happy”, it nevertheless put together a video in less than half an hour that would have taken considerably longer using other software.

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